Commonwealth Central Credit Union

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commonwealth logo redo squeezed stroked unstrokedEvery big idea begins with a dream. Some of the biggest ideas of all–those that have improved the way the world works and plays using computer technology–were dreamed up in garages right here in Santa Clara County. Did you know that CommonWealth Central Credit Union was also born in a local garage?

In December 1958, Frank and Grace Coombs converted their garage into the first branch of what is now CommonWealth. The credit union operated in that space for some 13 years. Based on the principles of trust, responsibility and local pride, CommonWealth was established to help fellow members-primarily working-class families in the Santa Clara community-reach their financial goals. Over the past half-century, our principles have remained unchanged.

Today, CommonWealth offers a full range of financial services available at four local branch locations and convenient no-fee access at any CO-OP ATM.

Whether your dreams involve remodeling your home, restoring a muscle car or putting a new vehicle in your garage, CommonWealth is here to help. As a member-owned credit union entering its 50th year in business, trust us to support your financial needs with competitive loans and savings products and genuine interest in your financial well-being.

Paramit Medical Device & Instrument Manufacturing

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Medical Device OEMs Trust Paramit

Paramit Corporation, a US-based manufacturer with facilities in California and Malaysia, provides fully-integrated engineering, manufacturing, and post-manufacturing services to medical device and instrument companies. Registered with the FDA as a manufacturer of finished medical devices, Paramit has extensive experience manufacturing FDA-compliant products using rigorous process controls and cutting-edge information management and reporting tools. With in-house auditors who are certified in QSIT methods and an external auditing team composed of former FDA inspectors, Paramit is vigilant about compliance and always prepared for FDA scrutiny.

Paramit is defining a new standard of excellence for OEMs looking to outsource manufacturing of highly complex medical devices and instruments. Nearly 20% of Paramit’s staff are engineers with expertise in a variety of technologies and disciplines who relentlessly drive product quality and develop process innovations. Because all our services are co-located, we can take ownership of the product and support continuous improvement throughout the whole product lifecycle.

The Great America Road Trip

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2015 Theme

parade themeThe Great American Road Trip

America is deemed the land of opportunity and freedom. People from all corners of the world in search for the “American Dream” have long felt that a better life awaits them here…



Destination America Essay Contest

Do you or your family boast a fascinating story on the journey of immigrating to America?   As a melting pot of various cultures and ethnicities, most of us can reply with a resounding, ‘yes!’  In celebration of this year’s theme, Destination America, we want to hear from our Morgan Hill community the challenging, inspiring, exciting journeys their families experienced so they could eventually call America their home. We want to hear your story in 500 words or less. The top three stories will be printed in our official Morgan Hill Freedom Fest event program, while the rest of the stories will be posted here on our website.  The top three winners will win prizes worth up to $500 and will be invited with their families to ride on a float in the July 4th parade. Submit your story to by June 22. Include pictures. Tell us your own captivating story.  America is known as the land of the free and home of the brave. Over the last few hundred years many have immigrated here to evade persecution, seek a better life, and enjoy political and religious freedoms. What is your story? Here is a great story…

Destination America: Coming to California to Marry a Man She Had Never Met Before

By Marty Cheek

My father waited  one day in early June 1964 with trembling anticipation in the lounge of the Pan American terminal at San Francisco Airport for the arrival of a cross-country flight from New York City. When the passengers started finally streaming into the lounge, my father’s heart must have been beating fast and furiously. Any minute now, he would met for the very first time the woman he would marry in five days.

Their courtship story started a couple of years before when my dad picked up a pen pal magazine and saw the photo of Gisela Margarete Drückler who lived in Berlin, Germany. She wanted to improve her English skills and he wanted to improve his German, and so they started corresponding through the mail, writing letters and sending reel-to-real tapes to each other. The fräulein  had worked as a professional model and photographer, sometimes standing in front of the camera, sometimes standing behind the lens. As they got to know each other through the written word, their human passions of romance started to bloom. Finally, my dad braved up and popped the marriage question.

With her movie star looks, mom had never been at a loss for suitors in Germany. One of them whom she had met at photography school was a German baron named Peter von From, who asked her several times to be his wife. But she had said “nein” to all offers. Then a quiet man named Walter Raymond Cheek who worked as a music teacher in a small California farming town called Hollister proposed she come to California and they live the rest of their lives together. Against her parents’ wishes, Gisela said “ja.”

Originally built and named as the Gripsholm in 1924 for the Swedish American Line, she was renamed in 1954 when bought by NDL. She then spent the majority of her lifetime crossing between Bremerhaven, Germany and New York.
Originally built and named as the Gripsholm in 1924 for the Swedish American Line, she was renamed in 1954 when bought by NDL. She then spent the majority of her lifetime crossing between Bremerhaven, Germany and New York.

The bride journeyed across the Atlantic Ocean on the ocean liner MS Berlin to New York City. Passing through the harbor waves, Gisela and other passengers got a glimpse of the colossus Statue of Liberty welcoming with a beacon of light and hope all immigrants arriving in the promised land of the United States. Gisela then made her way to LaGuardia Airport by cab and later found herself 30,000 feet in the clouds flying across the 2,905-mile span of America to California.

That instant in the Pan American waiting lounge as my mom and dad eyed each other for the first time must have been a momentous moment in their lives. As dad drove his 1958 Plymouth Fury down Highway 101, mom got her first glimpses of the communities of the South Valley – Morgan Hill, San Martin, Gilroy and Hollister – American small towns that were vastly different compared to the German cosmopolitan city of Berlin she had left.

1958 Plymouth Fury
1958 Plymouth Fury

On June 8 in the chapel of the First Presbyterian Church of Hollister, Gisela Druckler and Raymond Cheek slipped rings on each others fingers. They would remain married until dad died at Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital in Hollister on January 10, 1985. Mom died at the Morgan Hill Saint Louise Hospital on June 8, 1993, the 29th anniversary of her wedding. Her ashes were scatted in the San Francisco Bay not far from the place where, as a new immigrant, she had first met in person the man she married.

Important Parade Information

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Around midnight on July 3rd, after the dance is over, is a good time to line your chairs up on the meridian of the street to view the parade. One of the customs of parade watchers has been to line chairs up for a premium viewing position of the parade up to a week before the event. However, due to the dance being held on the street this year, we are requesting the public not place chairs until after midnight July 3rd since there will be people milling about on the streets and there are sure to be knocked over chairs, and possibly injuries as a result. Also, the fire department will be hosing down the street meridian with high pressure hoses to ensure the ground is damp and no fires will occur. So, please wait to place your chairs in your preferred viewing spot until after the conclusion of the Street Dance.

Morgan Hill Photography Club

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Morgan Hill Photography Club


The Morgan Hill Photography Club is open to everyone who has an interest in photography.  It aims to foster an appreciation and understanding of photography as an art form and to promote and develop the photographic knowledge and skills of its members.  Through social interaction and events, the club provides opportunities to learn, discuss, and practice all aspects of good picture taking.  The club meets the 1st Wednesday of every month at the Centennial Recreation Center, 171 W. Edmunson Ave., Morgan Hill, CA.  For more information visit the club’s website –

Honda of Morgan Hill

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Honda of Morgan Hill – New and Used Honda Dealer in the Santa Cruz, San Jose, Monterey, Gilroy CA Area

Visit Honda of Morgan Hill for a new Honda or used car in Morgan Hill! We carry all the latest Honda models, and our expert sales staff will help you find the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle. Honda of Morgan Hill is one of the leading Honda dealerships in the Santa Cruz, San Jose, Monterey, Gilroy area, offering excellent customer service, a friendly environment, attractive financing options, and great cars! Pick up the phone and call or stop in and say ‘Hi’ and see our inventory!

At Honda of Morgan Hill you will find your favorite new 2013 – 2014 Honda models  at competitive prices. Take a test drive at our greater Morgan Hill Honda dealership in the new Accord, Civic, Pilot, Crosstour,Civic HybridFit EV Hatchback , all new 2014 Honda OdysseyAccord Plug-In Hybrid and more.  The Honda of Morgan Hill sales people are ready to answer your questions about a particular model and find the Honda in Morgan Hill that meets all of your expectations. For a large selection of new and used Honda cars in Morgan Hill, visit our dealership today.

Honda of Morgan Hill has many used cars from the top auto manufacturers of today, and we have our mechanics fully inspect the vehicles prior to going on sale. So for a quality used car in Morgan Hill, visit Honda of Morgan Hill. Select from pre-owned cars, convertibles, trucks, mini-vans, SUVs such as theHonda CR-V, sports cars and more all at one location.

Serving the Santa Cruz, San Jose, Monterey and Gilroy with Car Parts, Honda Repair & Service and Car Loans in Morgan Hill, California

For a low interest rate car loan in Morgan Hill, visit the experts at Honda of Morgan Hill. We’ve helped people get the car loans that fit their budget so that they could drive away with a new or used car quickly. Regardless of your credit status we can help. No credit or bad credit? No problem. Come down to 17100 Laurel Rd and speak to a financial professional. An affordable car loan or lease is within reach at Honda of Morgan Hill.

Professional Honda car repair from trained mechanics you can trust at Honda of Morgan Hill. Let our technicians diagnose your car the first time with our expert service and repair your car quickly with an extensive Honda auto parts department to get you back on the road quickly.

Read about us, visit our dealership by following step by step directions from Santa Cruz, San Jose, Monterey, Gilroy to 17100 Laurel Road, Morgan Hill, CA, or give us a call. Our team is available to answer your automotive questions. Thanks for visiting our site, and we hope to see you at our Morgan Hill car dealership soon!

Johnson Lumber

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Johnson Lumber & Ace Hardware

Over 30 Years of Providing Excellent Service!

Johnson Lumber is a family-owned-and-operated full-service lumber yard and hardware store with helpful, knowledgeable staff who will cheerfully help you find the tools, hardware, or building materials that you need for your project or repair job. Our excellent service and selection led Ace Hardware Corporation to designate Johnson Lumber as one of the top six Ace hardware stores out of 5,100 locations nationwide.

Smith Commercial Management, Inc.

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Mitsie Smith co-founded the company in early 2007 with seasoned property and construction management professionals who have been in the business since the 1980s. With this experience we established a vision, projecting a powerful company built on three equally important pillars:

We are some of the very best professionals in the industry due to our extraordinary knowledge, problem-solving skills, creativity, and commitment to service excellence.

We are driven by our belief in the power of teamwork. Our company exists to make properties and projects successful. We hold fast, in all we do, to a set of deeply rooted values which include:

  • We are people of character; we do the right thing.
  • True teamwork supports creativity and problem-solving.
  • We must deliver excellence in all we do.
  • We thirst for knowledge.
  • Good work is its own reward.
  • Our work should build personal and collective value and happiness.

Professional Business Management
Commercial real estate is sometimes risky. Only with the highest quality management are properties able to provide the highest return on a client’s investment. By imposing stringent business controls we minimize that risk and provide systematic, manageable processes. We establish and execute real estate strategies with the highest degree of success.

Our company exists to make your property perform at the highest and best standard. We are able to use our energy and creativity to improve the asset, to seamlessly incorporate changing requirements, to look ahead, and to execute flawlessly.

Smart Products Engineered for Success

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Leading the Industry in Providing Value for Our Customers

Smart Products, Inc. located in Morgan Hill, California, designs and manufactures an extensive family of check valves, pumps, and related components for a wide range of applications including medical diagnostic and treatment, gas analysis, filtration, beverage dispensing, and many others. For over two decades, we have built a reputation for developing high quality products that meet your exacting requirements.

That’s because we’re engineers. Which means we’ll go the extra mile to get you just what you need. We offer a powerful combination of our time, our knowledge, our products, and the flexibility you need to get just the solution you’re looking for.

That and Smart Products’ philosophy of unmatched customer service are at the core of our business, and are the reasons for our success. This exceptional commitment to your satisfaction yields results that are unparalleled in the industry.

And it doesn’t get much smarter than that.

Semiconductor Tooling Services

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Semiconductor Tooling Services, Inc. (STS) was recently recognized as the 16th fastest growing privately held company in Silicon Valley. We have combined award-winning business practices with industry-leading technical innovations to provide OEMs and Fabs worldwide with the best possible solutions in adhesive bonding, molding, and cleaning.

Founded in 1996, the owners John Lilleland and Rina Esquivel-Tanchico had a vision to use their advanced technological knowledge and develop new solutions to benefit a new market. Beginning with a strong foundation of silicone elastomer experience, this vision quickly matured into the development of high performance elastomeric materials much needed in the semiconductor industry. For over a decade, STS has pioneered materials and methods that have become standards in semiconductor manufacturing processes. Our specialized materials and applications are tailored to each individual customer need. Today we are a cutting edge solution provider in our markets.

Technical Expertise

Our mission is to use our extensive expertise in providing services ranging from initial material consultations to complete turn-key production solutions. Our staff consists of employees with industry-leading experience in chemistry, material sciences & analysis, engineering, and advanced manufacturing. This allows us to create true one-stop solutions from initial tooling design to final outsourced manufacturing processes.


STS currently occupies 3 buildings with more than 70,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and administrative facilities. Our facilities include a full CNC machine shop, class 10,000 and 1,000 manufacturing clean rooms, and an exclusive class 100 precision cleaning area. We are headquartered in San Jose, California with additional facilities located nearby in Morgan Hill, California. In addition, we have full-time representatives in Europe and Asia to ensure customer support worldwide.

Recology South Valley Waste Zero

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Recology sees a world without wasteTM

Recology, an employee-owned company, sees a world without waste, where resources are used and re-used in a sustainable ecosystem that strives for their best and highest use.

Recology builds exceptional resource ecosystemsTM

Recology is a company dedicated to building exceptional resource ecosystems that protect the environment and sustain our communities.  We strive for the best and highest use of all resources.

Recology manages municipal disposal processes and services that span the needs of urban, suburban and rural communities. Our services include urban cleaning services, collection, sorting, transfer, recovery and landfill management.

Our name, Recology, reflects our unique success record in driving resource recovery to unparalleled levels through recycling and composting.

Recology companies operate in California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington coordinating dozens of recycling programs to recover a variety of materials.  Recology programs have been replicated throughout the country and serve as a national model for resource recovery initiatives.  We are:

  • The largest employee-owned company in the resource recovery industry, partnered with over 113 communities;
  • Parent to over 40 subsidiaries that provides integrated services to over 670,000 residential and 95,000 commercial customers in California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington; and
  • Recognized as the industry leader in resource recovery, having established the first and largest curbside yard trimmings and food scraps collection program in the country.

WASTE ZERO is our rallying cry to make the best and highest use of all resources. Our commitments are to provide first-class customer service, to positively contribute to the quality of life within the communities we serve and to reduce our negative impacts on the environment. Our achievements are driven by our awareness of the impact on our children, the communities we serve and the planet we all share.

Recology (n):  The science and practice of resource recovery.

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